Katie Kish


Post-Diabetes Newborn

Little Logan David W Kish was born on March 15th. He was induced, as GDM moms aren’t typically allowed to go past 38 weeks, especially if you’re on insulin.

They almost didn’t induce me as apparently the hospital was “full” – luckily they did because the cord had a massive knot and was wrapped around his neck.

As far as labour goes, it was pretty uneventful. The epidural didn’t work at first, but once they redid it all was good and he flew out 20 minutes later – very similar to my labour with Nora.

For MONTHS leading up to his birth I had been told by ultrasound technicians, my OB, and the diabetes OB that Logan was *very* big. He was measuring in the 99th percentile. I was to watch my diet even more carefully than I already was to make sure he didn’t get even bigger.

I was so hungry. I ate the minimum amount of carbs recommended. I ate 6 very small meals a day and was losing weight. I would go to appointments and be scolded for losing weight one minute and then told to eat less to make sure Logan stopped gaining weight so quickly.

It was heartbreaking. I was trying my absolute hardest to make sure this little guy would be totally healthy and it wasn’t working. So I ate less and less and less. I would feel faint, my blood sugar levels were hovering around 3.8-4.2 (that’s low) and I was often scared to take my insulin shot at night.

Turns out, the doctors were wrong. I’m finding this to be pretty common in Montreal.

Logan weighed just over 7lbs. I was furious at the doctors who had put me through that stress for months.

Logan definitely didn’t come out overweight or fat like the doctors had been concerned about. Instead, he was a fragile little stick. The skin at the top of his thighs was baggy!!
He’s a thriving little chunker now.

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