Katie Kish

Education and Certificates

Education History

PhD Candidate
Uni. of Waterloo (2018) (GPA: 4.0)
Environmental Political Economy
Advisor: Stephen Quilley

York University (2013) (GPA: A+)
Systems Thinking and EcoHealth
Advisor: Martin Bunch

York University (2011) (GPA 3.7)
Magna Cum Laude & Dean’s Honours
Advisor: Peter Victor


CERTIFICATE IN UNIVERSITY TEACHING Center for Teaching Excellence (2018)
CERTIFICATE OF TEACHING FUNDAMENTALS Center for Teaching Excellence (2014)
STANDARD FIRST AID AND CPR LEVEL ‘C’ Province of Ontario – Kept up to date (2013)

Current Positions

TEACHER & SCIENCE DIRECTOR Wellington Hall Academy (2020 – )

POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCHER Economics for the Anthropocene – McGill University (2018 – 2020)

University Teaching Experience

University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON

Intro. to Systems Thinking | INDEV 212 (2014; 2017)

Guest Lecturer
Env & Dev. in Global Perspective | GEOG203 (2016)
Systems for Environmentalism | ERS311 (2015)
Ecosocial Systems | ERS 410 (2015)
Intro. to Enviro. Science| ERS 110 (2014)
Senior Honours Seminar | ERS 411 (2013)

Teacher’s Assistant
Ecosocial System | ERS 410 (2014-16)
Intro. to Systems Thinking | ERS 311 (2013)

McGill University, Montreal, QC

Big Bang to the Anthropocene | NRS 600 (2018)

York University, Toronto, ON

Intro. to Complex Systems | ENVS 4023 (2013)

Guest Lecturer
Intro. to Complex Systems | ENVS 4023 (2013)

Teaching Assistant
Intro. to Enviro. History | ENVS 1000 (2012-13)

Other Past Professional Experience

COURSE DEVELOPER Haida Gwaii Institute – University of British Columbia (2018 – 2019)
Faculty of Environment – University of Waterloo (2015 – 2016)
COORDINATOR Graduate Student Endowment Fund – University of Waterloo (2015 – 2016)
 Waterloo Institute for Social Innovation and Resilience – University of Waterloo (2015 – 2016)
TEACHING AND LEARNING ASSOCIATE Faculty of Environment – University of Waterloo (2015 – 2016)
CONFERENCE COORDINATOR ReMaker Society – University of Waterloo (2015 – 2016)
CONFERENCE WEB COORDINATOR International Society for Ecological Economics (2015 – 2016)
CONFERENCE COMMITTEE MEMBER Pathways for Change – Canadian Society for Ecological Economics (2015)
RESEARCH ASSISTANT ReMaker Society – University of Waterloo (2014 – 2015)
CHAIR AND COORDINATOR Faculty of Environment Annual Festival – University of Waterloo (2014 – 2015)

Publications, Presentations, and Awards


Kish, K. Jennings, B. and Orr, C. (2019). Liberty and the Ecological Crisis: Freedom on a Finite Planet. Routledge: UK.

Kish, K. (2019). The Revolution Will Be Handmade. Solutions, April 2019: 91-96.

Kish, K. and Farley, J. (2019). A Research Agenda for Ecological Economics. Sustainability Special Issue. 11

Kish, K. and Bliss, S. (2019). Ecological Economic Goals from Emerging Scholars. In: A Research and Action Agenda for Ecological Economics. By: Costanza, B., Farley, J., and Kubiszewski, I. Edward Elgar: New York, NY.

Kish, K., Quilley, S. (2019). Labour and Regenerative Production. In: A Research and Action Agenda for Ecological Economics. By: Costanza, B., Farley, J., and Kubiszewski, I. Edward Elgar: New York, NY.

Kish, K. (2019). ‘What about my Pineapples? Complexities of Change in Degrowth.’ In: Medicine in the Anthropocene. By: Quilley, S. and Zywert, K. University of Toronto Press: Toronto, ON.

Kish, K. and Quilley, S. (2019). ‘Ecological Limits of the Sustainable Development Goals’. In: Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. By: Dalby, S. Taylor and Francis: Oxen.

Kish, K. (2018). School of Thought: Five Trends in Environmental Education. Alternatives Journal, 43(3&4): 66-70.

Kish, K. and Quilley, S. (2018). Education for the Anthropocene. Alternatives Journal, 43.3: 12-18.

Kish, K. and Quilley, S. (2017). Wicked Tensions of Low Growth Economics. Ecological Economics.

K.Kish, S. Quilley & J. Hawreliak. (2016). Finding an Alternative Route: Towards an Eco-cyclical and Distributed ProductionJournal of Peer Production.

K. Kish, M. Bunch & B. J. Xu. (2015). Soft Systems Methodology in Action: Environment Health and Shanghai’s ElderlySystems Practice and Action Research.

K. Kish and S. Quilley. (2014). Navigating the Anthropocene: Towards an Alternative Modernity for an Era of LimitsCanadian Society for Ecological Economic Paper Series.

K. Kish, S. Quilley & J. Hawreliak. (2014) Green Prosperity: From the Global Consumer Society to the Networked reMaker SocietyCanadian Society for Ecological Economic Paper Series.

Kish, K. April 12, 2013. A Holistic Approach for Cultural Sensitivity. (Conference Proceedings). York University, Toronto, ON: (Re)Constructions Conference.

Recent Conference and Workshop Presentations

What about my pineapples? (2019). Canadian Society for Ecological Economics Biennial Conference. Waterloo, ON. (invited)

The Next Generation of Ecological Economic Scholars. (2018). A Research Agenda for Ecological Economics. Burlington, VT. (invited)

Wicked Tensions between Feminism and Degrowth. (2018).  International Association of Feminist Economics. New Paltz, NY. (invited)

Reintroducing the Social Sphere into Ecological Economics. (2018). Economics for the Anthropocene Winter Retreat. Montreal, QC. (invited)

Prioritizing Culture and Life in Ecological Economics. (2017). Canadian Society for Ecological Economics and Economics for the Anthropocene. Concordia University, Montreal, QC.

Environmentalists at the Margins. (2017). Resilience2017. Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm, Sweden.

(re)Maker Society. (2016). Special Workshop (coordinator and participant). Waterloo, ON.

Earth-Based Spirituality on Campus: Radical green pedagogy for motivational change. (2015). Re-Enchanting the Academy. Canterbury, UK.

Psychosocial drivers for ecological restoration. (2015). Society for Ecological Restoration Conference. Manchester, UK.

Wicked Tensions in an Environmental Modernity. (2015). Canadian and United States Societies for Ecological Economics Conference. Vancouver, BC

A New Modernity Panel. (2015). Canadian and United States Societies for Ecological Economics Conference. (Speaker and panel organizer). Vancouver, BC.

Emotion, Cognition, and Water Decisions. (2015). Workshop Participant – Briarhurst Institute. Fergus, ON.

Cultural shifts in environmental action. (2014). Western University Earth Day Colloquium. London, ON.

Denial of Health and Well-Being. (2014). EcoHealth Biennial. Montreal, PQ.

Environmental Ideology and Change. (2014). Workshop Participant – Balsille School of International Affairs. Waterloo, ON.

Funded Projects

Environmentalism at the Margins (2015 – 2016) – Ontario Graduate Scholarship ($15 000), President’s Scholarship ($10 000), SSHRC 4A Status Waterloo Seed Funding ($8000)

Learning Innovation and Teaching Enhancement Grant Recipient (2015 – 2016) – Center for Teaching Excellent, University of Waterloo ($5000)

ENVigorate 2015, Faculty Festival Co-Ordinator (2015) – Environment & Graduate Endowment Funds, Dean’s Funding, 3 student associations, University of Waterloo ($21 000)

(re)Maker Society Student Researcher (2014 – current) – Metcalf Foundation ($50 000)

Experiential Learning Group (2014 – current) – Department of Environment and Resource Studies, University of Waterloo ($1200)

Scholarships & Grants

SSHRC Connections (2019)

SSHRC Connections (2018)

Waterloo Institute for Social Innovation Research Fellow (2015-16)

Ontario Graduate Scholarship (2015-16)

President’s scholarship (2015-16)

Canadian and United States Societies for Ecological Economics Scholarship Funding Program (2015)

University of Waterloo Graduate Scholarship (2013-2016)

Vivienne Poy Award (2013)

Bruno Skoggard Award (2013)

Asian Language Awards – York Centre for Asian Research (2012)

York University Graduate Scholarship for Excellence (2011-2013)

Community and Volunteer Work

Communications Officer, Canadian Society for Ecological Economics (2020-)

Volunteer, New  Futures (2014-)

Communications Organizer, Canadian Society for Ecological Conference (2019)

Vice President, Canadian Society for Ecological  (2013 – 2018)

Board of Directors, CPE Du Campus, McGill  (2018)

Co-Organizer, Liberty in the Anthropocene (2018)

Co-Organizer, 50 Years in Ecological Economics – A Symposium for Peter Victor (2018)

Primary Organizer, Symposium for Ecological Economics  (2018)

Volunteer Science Teacher, Wellington Hall  (2017 – 2018)

Hospice Visitor, Xueqing  Xu (2015– 2017)

Conference Organizer, (re)Maker Metcalf Project, University of  (2015 – 2016)

Coordinator, Graduate Student Endowment Fund, University of  (2015 – 2016)

Graduate Student Representative, Department Council, School of Environment Resources, and Sustainability, University of Waterloo (2014– 2016)

Departmental PhD Representative, Faculty Council, Waterloo Faculty  Environment (2014 – 2016)

Chair and Coordinator, Faculty Festival, Waterloo Faculty of  (2014 – 2015)

Mentor, Student Teaching and Excellence Committee, University of  (2014)



Computer Modeling and Software Application

  • Stella Modeling – undergraduate modeling of ecological economics systems
  • NVivo – graduate research modeled for content analysis
  • WordPress, HTML, Joomla, Linux, Flash

Event Planning

  • Seven academic symposiums
  • Four academic conferences
  • Faculty Festival
  • Workshops and Luncheons for Teaching and Learning Committee


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