Liberty and the Ecological Crisis

Freedom on a Finite Planet Edited by Christopher J. Orr, Kaitlin Kish and Bruce Jennings Book Description This book examines the concept of liberty in relation to civilization’s ability to live within ecological limits. This was the product of a SSHRC connections grant I obtained to hold a symposium on the issue of liberty and […]

Research Agenda for the Next 30 Years of Ecological Economics

Alongside other established and emerging scholars in the field of Ecological Economics, I’ve been developing a research agenda for the next 30 years of EE. My motivation for getting involved with this was the retirement of Dr. Peter Victor from York University. It was an indication that the established cohort of scholars who formed the […]

Business, Interrupted: A look at business from the viewpoint of ecological economics

By Sophia Sanniti and Katie KishPublished and posted on A/J Online Text cross-posted from above link: This year Earth Overshoot Day was the earliest ever, falling on July 29 as the day humanity collectively used nature’s resource budget for the entire year. Scientists, environmentalists, activists, and the world’s youth have made loud and clear demands for radical […]

Alternatives Journal Special Issue: Ecological Economics

In 2017 I edited a special issue of Alternatives Journal on Ecological Economics. It was a lengthy process, but the final product is a really nice magazine with accessible and interesting articles on EE. My editorial from the issue: My life changed when I became a mother. As I read about soaring GDPs worldwide, I […]